HouseMix Studio

Going to be Comfortably situated in Shakopee Mn, House Mix would be Minnesota leading multimedia facility and recording studio.

It would have a revolving control room, which puts a completely new spin on the average recording studio set-up.

     House Mix would be a Minnesota recording studio facility with the capability of editing, recording, mastering, all in one place. 

         HouseMix will offers you a considerable collection of vintage and new gear, and has one of the larger recording spaces in                                                                                                  Shakopee Mn.
         We are equipped with Pro-Tools HD192 with Apogee I/O hardware for digital conversion, and also Steinberg's Cubase,                                                                Ableton, Futty Loop, Reason and Logic recording software.

House Mix would be a first-class recording experience, with a huge private lounge for all of your entertainment and business needs.

  Studio would be completed before Jan 2015. 

      For more information please email us            

          House Mix is a Mixing and Mastering Company

                                 located in Shakopee Mn

  We offer the latest technology and top audio equipment used in                       today's Market with a rate you can afford.

  House Mix will give your project the life and quality it needs for                                                      success.

   At House Mix, we place the client and their unique vision first.  When you are certain that we are the right company for you, we                       will set up a plan that is within your budget

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HouseMix Studio