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HipHop Template 1

Sept 2

Aug 31

Phase 4 Tutorial

Phase 3 Tutorial

Phase 2 Tutorial

Tutorial: Creating a Song from Sample

Sept 1

House Mix Studio

Sept 3

To View on Mobile Devices Please use Desktop View!

To View on Mobile Devices Please use Desktop View!

Phase 1 Tutorial

Tutorial:  Mixing in the box 

This Phase Series is how i arrange and work my way around pro tools. Hope this will help you and make it easier to understand and start making better music at your home studio setup.

Aug 26

       12 Original Beats

         Produced By RichSmitty

  • You Get:

      100 % Ownership

       50 % Publishing

       Vocal Tracking @ HouseMix


Mixing or Mastering is not included

          Get Your Album Done Today!

HouseMix is a Mix and Mastering Studio Located in Shakopee Mn all right reserved 2015​​

SoloStar (Rapper. Spoken Words) 

Danika Love (RnB, Mainstream)

Seak (African Singer)

XTen (African Singer . Rapper. Singer)

DaVoyce ( SInger)

2w!n (Rapper)

Janet Nightingale (Latin Singer)

Brandon Trevon  (Male Singer)

Kesha (RNB Singer)

Shaneeka (RNB Singer)