We offer world-class online mixing at a price to match any budget. HouseMix has mixed and mastered some of the most successful artists in the music industry - along side some of the best producers, for the biggest labels.  We take the same approach with every project we mix or master. That approach is knowing every single project is different. Every single project is special. Every single project is unique.With our hands-on approach, we make sure when to know exactly what you're looking for when mixing.  We mix in-the-box while using some of the best analogue gear.  This creates a deep, warm, punchy, you can FEEL, not just hear. 
We also offer a complex, radio-ready mastering service. This can be order a la carte, or is included in all of our mixing packages!  Maintaining the integrity and dynamics of your record, we'll allow it to stand above the rest!Do you have that perfect mix, but need all of your records on your album to come to life? Mastering is the process of taking a professionally mixed recording and enhancing it to its fullest potential. It's the fine-tuning that will make your mixes sound as “big” and as “clear” as possible without compromising the original feel or quality. This not only makes each song sound individually the best it can, but also makes the album as a whole sound consistent and unified.